At VDS Group our key guiding principles include continuous development.  Each of our employees identifies closely with VDS and its business philosophy, which in turn fosters a high level of work productivity in our team.   

Employees at VDS Group are part of a large team focused on completing challenging tasks, developing their careers and achieving outstanding results. Simply put, our team is characterized by a keen interest in innovation and technology. One of our top priorities is the desire to find the best solutions for our customers. 

All VDS employees clearly understand their job responsibilities, thereby ensuring the success of our Company by way of individual effort and competency.   

At VDS Group we create optimal conditions for a safe, productive and healthy working environment that meets the expectations of our employees. Mutual respect, honesty and trust play a major role in the work we do.   

All VDS employees can count on professional and personal support from management as well as comprehensive assessment of their job performance. 

We offer professional and career growth options for specialists who share our interests, values and priorities, and who are ready to contribute to the advancement of our business.   

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