For a quarter of a century, the VDS Group team has specialized in finding individual solutions in the field of visualization of corporate and city identity. 

We come up with solutions based on engineering and architectural structures using methodology we have developed especially for this process. We begin by seeking to understand the potential for development of a customer’s business practices or individual project. We analyze global tendencies as well as trends in design, architecture and construction, and we conduct relevant culturological studies as necessary. After defining the parameters of the creative search, the team of designers and production engineers at VDS begin their work. 

The end result of the development process at VDS is a high-quality engineering, technical and design solution, with a clear, sharp image, which fits naturally into a spatial environment, and at the same time effectively fulfills VDS partners’ objectives. 

The idea behind VDS development practices is to produce an inviting, beautiful, comfortable, safe environment for a person as they look at a building, structure or object and the surrounding area as a single entity. 

Our business practices are guided by 5 main criteria: 

  • Put a priority on the achieving of an unconditional market success by our business partners;
  • Create a design for the future;
  • Use industry and market innovations;
  • Improve the expertise of our team and contribute to the development of our business partners’ competencies;
  • Ensure a high level of security.

All of which allow us to carry out our primary objective: VDS Group guarantees the economic efficiency and social significance of its work.

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