VDS Group is the only accredited manufacturer of RVI-constructions for Shell concern in the territory of the CIS

Competence of our Company: creation of innovations and mass production of advertising covers for filling stations. The Company has more than 40 patents. Production capabilities allow to produce more than 10,000 totems per year. We have a number of innovations in the field of RVI, which exceed world analogues in quality and performance.

One of the promising competencies that we are actively developing today is large-scale in-line assembly from high factory availability modules, directly on the construction site. One of the current results is the reduction of assembly time of the labor-intensive 8.3-meter Shell totem by 50%: from 6 to 9 totems per day and Shell 7-meter price totem by 100%: from 6 to 12 per day.



Our team developed the “Customer’s Personal Cabinet”. This page is available for authorized users, where you can view in real time the status of orders, production progress, delivery and execution of works at facilities. Shell is the most active user of the service today.


About VDS

VDS Group (Minsk, Belarus) is your reliable partner with a well-established reputation as the leader in development and production of hi-tech solutions based on engineering and architectural structures. With its solutions VDS contributes to the development of cities’ brand platforms and corporate identities.Since 1994, the team of specialists at VDS has completed over 50 federal-scale projects and about 20,000 more for oil companies, automobile corporations, large retail chains, as well as city administrations across Europe and the CIS. 

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