VDS and "Tatneft" open the new flagship “Solar Wind”

The official opening of the flagship "Tatneft"filling station No. 3 in the new corporate style “Solar Wind” took place on June 24 in Almetyevsk (Tatarstan, Russia). The exterior and interior design was developed by VDS Group. The Company also manufactured and installed metal frames and style-forming RVI structures.

VDS company developed a new corporate style “Solar Wind” and the design of the flagship “Tatneft” filling station in the first quarter of 2020. The idea of “calligraphy” was embodied in the architectural image of the filling station exterior, RVI-elements create expressive play of light and shadow. In the interior design of the building, our creative team used motifs, materials and colour-grades of natural attractions and national identity of Tatarstan.

VDS produced: metal frame, 17-meter totem, facade solutions for the building and car wash complex, canopies in the areas of fuel dispenser and electric charging. For the interior of the building at the “Tatneft” filling station, the Company’ specialists ensured an complex supply and installation of shopfitting, materials and constitutive elements.

Within this project, a new integrated model of the totem with a multimedia display was developed: the price totem was combined with the image one. The new “Tatneft” totem model maintains the continuity of the previous one. The total construction height is 17 m. A multimedia display broadcasts static and dynamic content, including fuel prices. The modular display design simplifies electronics maintenance. The screen is made entirely of glass. The supporting metal frame produced by VDS, increased structural rigidity, at that makes the totem more refined. The logo sign is made using internal printing technology, which guarantees its resistance to climatic factors.
In 2019, VDS and “Tatneft” launched a joint project for the development and construction of the flagship filling stations. Filling station No. 3 – the fifth “Tatneft” flagship in this project. From July to September 2019, VDS built four “Tatneft” flagships: three filling stations in Almetyevsk and one – in Tashkent, which became the first “Tatneft” flagship in Uzbekistan.

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