Implement new standards for private safety in public spaces

Compliance with the new rules and safety standards in public places is quickly becoming an integral part of our lives. The VDS team has developed functional dispensers for disinfectants, supporting our customers in their efforts to ensure compliance with these rules at their facilities.

Dispensers are available in two sizes and versions: wall and floor. The possibility of stylistic design of dispensers in the corporate style of our customers’ companies will make their introduction into the everyday life of people in public places more harmonious.

About VDS

VDS Group (Minsk, Belarus) is your reliable partner with a well-established reputation as the leader in development and production of hi-tech solutions based on engineering and architectural structures. With its solutions VDS contributes to the development of cities’ brand platforms and corporate identities.Since 1994, the team of specialists at VDS has completed over 50 federal-scale projects and about 20,000 more for oil companies, automobile corporations, large retail chains, as well as city administrations across Europe and the CIS. 

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