VDS creates vivid architectural objects of the new Amusement Park in Kazakhstan

The construction of the Amusement Park in Turkestan is a project of national importance. The VDS team has developed, designed, produced and mounted architectural objects as the visual identity of the new Park: the Entrance Arch, the Peace Tent and the Amphitheater Stage.

In 2019, the VDS Group became a member of a large-scale project for the construction and design of a new Amusement Park in the city of Turkestan, in southern Kazakhstan.

Turkestan is the center of national identity, the spiritual capital of the Turkic world. “Each nation, each independent State must determine its spiritual center. The spiritual center of Kazakhstan is Turkestan” (Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan 1990 – 2019).

“Our task was to develop architectural objects in a modern style, and at the same time taking into account the historical heritage of the city, the nature of the architecture of this region, that has been developing for several centuries, said Alexei Shishko, VDS Group Creative Director.New objects had to be harmoniously integrated into the environment of the city with a thousand-year history. I believe that we have succeeded. ”

In March 2019, the architectural design solutions of the objects proposed by the VDS creative team were approved, starting the next stage – engineering and production.

 “The robotic equipment and the experience of the Plant’s team allowed us to ensure the exact production of all elements conceived by our designers, as well as meeting the high customer requirements for the quality of painting of the structures,” said Sergey Susch, VDS Group Project Manager.

“The objects turned out to be modern and look spec they involve both sustainable design and technology. The Entrance Arch is in the form of a colonnade. However, these are not the columns that imitate the ancient stone ones, this is a modern architecture, in the image of which the historical background is read and the Oriental style is felt. All ornaments of the Entrance Arch are made in modern graphics,” explained Alexey Shishko. – At night, the Entrance Arch, Peace Tent and Amphitheater Stage turn into “live” media facades – a popular trend in modern architecture. Complex graphic animation is displayed on the objects.

The construct of the Peace Tent allows to create several visual effects: the starry sky (similar to a planetarium), a stroboscope (in colors of the Kazakh ornament), movement (being inside the Tent the illusion is created that you are moving).

VDS team produced and delivered all objects to Turkestan in less than three months, the installation of structures in the Park our specialists completed up to two months. The acceptance of the architectural objects was attended by Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The Amusement Park, which will stretch across an area of 30 hectares, is one of the strategic projects set out in the development plan of the city of Turkestan. Commissioning of the whole Park is scheduled for mid-2020.

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