In November 2019, Tatneft flagship filling station No. 329 in Almetyevsk was named the best service station. It was built by VDS Group on a turnkey basis

This premium station is based on the Business Class concept. The idea belonged to the management of Tatneft, PJSC, while the creative team of VDS Design and Construction Center was tasked with its implementation. Also, the flagship filling station No. 329 is favorably distinguished by elements of media support for the development and production of VDS, other high-tech and innovative options.

In November 2019, Tatneft flagship filling station No. 329 in Almetyevsk (Republic of Tatarstan) was recognized as the best service station according to the specialized magazine Sovremennaya AZS. This summer VDS assumed the responsibility for design, architectural planning, use of brands and ads, production of constructive RVI elements of filling stations and assembly on a turnkey basis.

According to “Sovremennaya AZS”, the idea of the station design belongs to the management of Tatneft, PJSC. The client’s ideas were implemented by the specialists of VDS Design and Construction Center – the architectural concept of the station was named “Business Class”.

“At the client’s request the Business Class concept was developed in the style of the main office of Tatneft PJSC – a black mirror prism,” said Eduard Golub, Leading Designer of VDS Advanced Development Department. “To revive the austere and minimalistic look of the store, a visually light canopy was developed. Its expressive branches of beams support a smooth roof without unnecessary purlins. Thus, the facility is constructed in contrast: the solid structure of the building is balanced by an elegant canopy.”

Tatneft flagship filling station No. 329 is favorably distinguished by media support elements developed and produced by VDS Group: ten-meter multimedia totem with options to broadcast both static and dynamic content, as well as a multimedia screen built into the facade of the control room building.

According to Sovremennaya AZS, ten-sleeve fuel dispensers GILBARCO of SK 700 OR C VR4-STP 10/0/10 series with a multimedia screen and a self-service terminal with post payment option are installed at the Tatneft flagship filling station No. 329. TANECO Ai-92, 95 and 100 branded gasolines, as well as diesel fuel of the same name are sold at the filling station. The liquid-motor fuel dispenser site is able to perform 500 filling operations per day. In addition, the full service filling station is equipped with a multi-standard fast charging station for electric vehicles (ELECTROCITY), which allows for charging the battery from 30 to 80 percent in 15 minutes. The filling station uses energy-saving technologies “Smart Grid” (smart house).

The entry and exit zones as well as the parking area have been extended. The full service filling station has a shop and a café whose total area amounts to 90 square meters. Each table is equipped with a wireless station and USB ports for phone charging. The self-service coffee corner is equipped with two professional FRANKE coffee machines, as well as a soft ice cream freezer. On the menu: a great choice of aromatic national pastry, coffee and desserts. A syrup station is installed. Also, there is an interactive children’s area in the control room building at the station. Touchless automatic systems are installed in the bathrooms.

“We did our best to make sure that each client gets into a pleasant, harmonious and friendly atmosphere. We are certain we have succeeded. After all, our clients are our top priority!” — said representatives of Tatneft company to Sovremennaya AZS.

“Tatneft flagship filling stations comply with the standards of leading international companies and are currently one of the most innovative and high-tech in the CIS,” said Denis Konopatsky, VDS Group Regional Development Director.

Cooperation of Tatneft PJSC and VDS Company in the last decade is sustainable and large-scale. According to the specialized magazine Sovremennaya AZS, the filling stations designed and constructed by VDS for Tatneft have been repeatedly recognized as the best stations of the month and year: Tatneft filling station No. 5 on the M5 highway was the best in April 2012; Tatneft filling station No. 63 in the Moscow Oblast was the best in March 2016; Tatneft filling station No. 268 in Moscow was the best in October 2016; Tatneft filling station No. 77 in Kazan was the best in May 2019; and Tatneft filling station No. 268 in Moscow was the best station in 2016.


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