VDS Group developed and implemented the project of the New Year illuminated architecture of Kazan Kremlin

For a comprehensive festive decoration of the Kazan Kremlin, VDS team worked on the design, ornament and color scheme of light structures, and produced a frame. On December 15, 2019, the multi-colored lights of the new festive decoration of the Kazan Kremlin were switched on for the first time. The famous architectural monument literally played out in fresh colors.

VDS Group designs and manufactures objects of illuminated architecture and elements of festive design to create original lighting landscapes in capitals, large cities and other places across the countries.

In 2019, an exclusive development and a comprehensive solution for the New Year’s lighting design of the Kazan Kremlin — a building inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List — was added to the Group’s project portfolio.

The intellectual potential of the design team and the capabilities of high-precision robotic equipment at VDS plant resulted in the development of an original project combining advanced technology with aesthetics. New lighting design “tells” the history of the Kazan Kremlin to the city-dwellers and visitors of Kazan, reflecting its cultural significance.

“Kazan Kremlin is the heart of the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. The history of two nations is closely intertwined in this architectural monument. Working on the integrated lighting design of this building, VDS designers set the tasks to preserve the heritage and unite the eras. The lighting design, structural elements and color scheme embodied the most expressive graphic images of two cultures and two nationalities — Russians and Tatars; the idea is maintained and expressed in the uniquely designed ornament,” said Alexey Shishko, VDS Group Creative Director.

The project involved the assembly of four light installations – a gallery and five light figures – the national symbols of Kazan and Tatarstan. At the same time, the modular system of the Kremlin lighting design structures consisting of radius elements of fixed dimensions will ensure their use for more than one season in many different combinations: galleries, tunnels, streets, rotundas, small architectural forms.

“A unique modular system is an innovative approach to the urban environment design. Based on a single set of basic elements that have the same architectural aesthetics, a city can get a variety of small architectural forms. Due to our modular system, one can use one tool to design large areas in the same style and create a stylistically unified architectural environment. The system quickly and easily transforms depending on specific design tasks. Replaceable elements of lightmaps make it possible to “dress up” the facilities for particular events while keeping up with the general style,” said Maria Khamitsevich, Designer from VDS Advanced Development Department.

The main elements are marked in blue on a diagram. Based on these elements, the entire possible product line is formed

“VDS designers developed the Kazan Kremlin lighting design, taking into account the historical, cultural and religious features of the city and the Republic of Tatarstan, as well as features of the Kremlin architecture and the existing landscape,” emphasized VDS Manager in Charge of the Project Pavel Ksenzhuk. “We have developed unique light figures – the leopard and the mythical dragon Zilant – they are elements of Tatarstan identity.”

All elements, structures, parts and lighting equipment (except for one type of light bulbs) are the Group’s own patented developments and products.

“We assembled the bulbs manually, performing quality control of each individually. Making color samples, we painted the bulbs after mixing and selecting colors to achieve maximum similarity with the color scheme developed by our designers. In total, several tens of thousands of bulbs were manufactured and painted for the project,” revealed the details of the work process Pavel Ksenzhuk.

For 25 years, VDS team of specialists has developed the element base of various types of structures, whose creation ensured the margin of safety for multiple safe assemblies, installations and transportations. Structural frame for the Kazan Kremlin is also designed for many years of use.

“On the one hand, the frame is universal, on the other hand, it has a complex shape, which makes it visually distinguishable, emphasizes the grandeur and solemnity of the main building. Lighting design creates a special atmosphere in the dark, and the load-bearing structure fulfills this function during the day. In this regard, we paid special attention to the appearance of the frame: flawless welded seams and other joints, precision of dyeing and compliance with the color scheme. In the production we used special superalloys, which guaranteed to extend the life of the frame. At the same time, the structural elements make it possible to repeatedly change the lighting design: i.e. next year a completely different festive ornament can be installed. Manufacturing of such a frame is three times more labor-intensive than manufacturing from pipes. However, the quality and aesthetics of perceiving the object of illuminated architecture are our priority,” explained Pavel Ksenzhuk.

Under the project, in addition to frames and illuminated architecture, the team designed and implemented a modern architectural solution of foundations as part of the structure of the building. “The peculiar feature of this foundation is that due to the designer’s form, execution and aesthetics, it is part of the architectural structure,” explained Maria Khamitsevich.

One of the main principles of VDS Group is safety: control over all work processes, including production, installation, as well as the compliance of finished products with the applicable safety standards.

“To increase the reliability of structures in the development and production of a comprehensive festive decoration of the Kazan Kremlin, we were guided by the standards adopted for housing and civil construction in the CIS countries,” concluded Pavel Ksenzhuk.

On December 15, 2019, the multi-colored lights of the new festive decoration of the Kazan Kremlin were switched on for the first time. The famous architectural monument literally played out in fresh colors.


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