Innovative flagship filling stations in Almetyevsk – best practices in VDS and Tatneft teams collaboration

Flagship Tatneft filling stations are characterized by a well-thought-out exclusive concept, architecture and the “tomorrow” design, and also have a number of high-tech benefits.

VDS Group has firmly established itself in the international pool of RVI solution developers and manufacturers and is an industry leader in the development of corporate identity, styling, design and production of integrated products for branded decoration in the construction and reconstruction of filling stations of the leading oil companies.

In recent years Tatneft PJSC and the VDS Company started to cooperate on an ongoing basis. The filling stations designed by VDS for Tatneft were repeatedly recognized as the best stations of the month and year according to the specialized magazine Sovremennaya AZS (Modern Filling Station): Tatneft filling station No. 5 on the M5 highway was the best in April 2012; Tatneft filling station No. 63 in the Moscow Oblast was the best in March 2016; Tatneft filling station No. 268 in Moscow was the best in October 2016; Tatneft filling station No. 77 in Kazan was the best in May 2019; Tatneft filling station No. 268 in Moscow was the best station in 2016.

In 2019, for the first time during the collaboration, Tatneft PJSC and VDS Group launched a turnkey filling station construction project which envisages the construction of four flagship stations in Almetyevsk.

The format of the flagship filling stations is designed to accumulate the best global business practices and operating models so that the most effective of them will be applied in the future to the entire Tatneft network.

Concepts and design embodied in Tatneft premium filling stations have been created by the VDS Advanced Development Department team over the course of 12 months in accordance with global trends in design, materials and color. The design embodiment of global trends, the search for solutions in materials and colors – this is the work of the VDS experts on an ongoing basis when creating an advanced development portfolio. This approach allows us, on the one hand, to optimize the time period of the creative process of urgent projects, and, on the other hand, to develop team expertise and go one step ahead of the market.

In accordance with the business objectives and wishes of Tatneft PJSC management, we finalized and adapted several relevant expert developments, and we proposed 4 different concepts for embodiment of Tatneft flagships already 7 days after the approval of the task.

The Tatneft management approved two concepts for implementation: “Home on the Go” and “Business Class”.

“The first concept of the flagship filling stations of Tatneft PJSC is based on the home archetype”, said Eduard Golub, Leading Designer of VDS Advanced Development Department. “Home is always a welcome destination and the end of any journey. The new flagship stations are intended to become a temporary home on the go for every driver. That is why the store architecture was inspired by modern retail facilities and private housing construction. This is expressed not only in the laconic forms of the building, but also in the application of the “living” materials customary for this area of architecture: concrete, brick, metal, glass.

The “Business Class” concept is based on the idea that a premium filling station can become a place for business negotiations and meetings. By order of the customer’s management, the Business Class concept was implemented in the style of Tatneft PJSC main office – a black mirror prism. To enliven the austere and minimalistic look of the store, a visually light canopy was developed. Its expressive “branch beams” support the roof without unnecessary purlins. Thus, the facility is constructed in contrast: the solid structure of the building is balanced by an elegant canopy.

When implementing both concepts, the VDS team was guided by the criteria of a fair architecture: all features are absolutely functional, devoid of decorative shells, while objects look elegant and harmonious.”

By September 2019, three of the four flagship stations in Almetyevsk were commissioned: two according to the “Home on the Go” concept (No. 330, No. 124) and one according to the “Business Class” (No. 329).

“Tatneft PJSC is a confident leader in its industry and one of our strategic and most important business partners. We based our development on achieving the business goals of Tatneft – this is one of the basic principles of our cooperation with the client. All the work, from the dismantling of previous filling stations to the construction of new ones, from landscaping to the purchase and installation of all equipment, was performed by VDS specialists in cooperation with the Tatneft project team, thanks to the involvement and assistance of the latter,” said VDS Group Regional Development Director and project supervisor Denis Konopatsky. “As a result, the construction of each filling station took about three months. We can say that this is the European pace of construction. For Russia, the standard construction time for filling stations is usually about six months. It is worth considering that the VDS Company conducted work from scratch: detailed study of two concepts of corporate identity, branded decoration, interiors and landscaping. Given the initial conditions and tasks that we received, their implementation seemed a certain challenge. However, due to the high degree of involvement of the Tatneft PJSC project team, we built the stations in the shortest possible time that meet the standards of leading international companies. At the moment, these flagship filling stations are one of the most innovative and high-tech ones in the CIS.”

In addition to the “tomorrow” design and architecture, flagship Tatneft filling stations in Almetyevsk are distinguished by the following technological capabilities and advantages:

*drive-through café system;

*modern self-service car wash or automated car wash;

*price totem with multimedia built-in screen;

*electric vehicle chargers;

*terrace under a canopy for equipping a summer café in the warm season;

*interactive consumer information board, wireless USB chargers built-in tables of the café situated in the filling station building;

*touchless automated systems in the public bathrooms;

*land improvements developed by VDS designers are implemented in accordance with the general concept of the filling station.

Due to the implemented technologies and updated service, the Tatneft flagship stations that have been commissioned quickly gained popularity.

“After being reconstructed, the station matched the landscape. It’s convenient to refuel, you can do it at the checkout, or by yourself in the dispensing area, there is an integrated payment terminal there. The filling station became “smarter” – even the trash can opens itself, not to mention the doors and water. Well done!” one of the visitors to station No. 329 left such a comment on the Yandex Internet portal.

“I liked the self-service car wash, it poured tons of foam, the car glistened, and I spent 100 rubles,” another client described their visit to the station No. 330 on Yandex Internet portal.

“When implementing the Tatneft PJSC flagship filling stations project, the best, most promising and advanced developments of the VDS team were used, highly qualified specialists with all competencies were involved. Figuratively speaking, the VDS team put their heart into this project. We are pleased that such an established company as Tatneft entrusts us with the implementation of its key projects, and we are pleased that our efforts have been appreciated. The joint experience in Almetyevsk became a significant stage in the cooperation between our companies which reached a new level,” summed up Denis Konopatsky, VDS Group Regional Development Director and project supervisor.


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