Large-scale municipal project in Kazakhstan: VDS develops and manufactures ‘smart’ public transport stops

Head of Kazakh capital city, representatives of district administrations and residents of Astana and Atyrau highly appraised esthetics and technical advancement of VDS Group smart public transport stops.

VDS Group, a manufacturer of hi-tech structures exploited in construction for oil companies and urban development projects, has developed, produced and put into service a new lineup of public transport stops under the contract with the Administration of Astana, Kazakhstan. 

By December 2018, VDS Group installed 78 smart public transport stops in Kazakhstan (55 — in Astana, 23 – in Atyrau). 

Extreme continental climate in Kazakhstan is the main reason why waiting for public transport is usually uncomfortable and may even be life threatening. The Administration of Astana was the first who initiated the renewal of the existing and introduction of modern public transport stops in Kazakhstan. 

VDS Group team explored best international practices, met preferences on functionality and location expressed by transport organizations and city administrations, and held over 30 meetings with different departments of Astana. The Kazakh capital city leadership also contributed to the development of design for the new public transport stops. 

As a result, the initial version was improved in terms of ergonomics, access to the internet, remote control and video surveillance. 

The new smart public transport stop from VDS Group was highly appraised during the presentation that took place on March 2, 2018 in Astana with attendance of Head of Kazakh capital city, leadership of district administrations and city residents. 

The new lineup of smart public transport stops from VDS Group adopts the modern urban minimalism concept and aims at providing comfortable and rapid service of higher quality for city residents and guests. The objects developed by VDS Group have a memorable design that contributes to better esthetics of the city.  

VDS Group secured all intellectual property rights (project development, external look and engineering solutions) of the new public transport stops. 

Following the successful implementation of the above project VDS Group continues to communicate with Astana city departments on the development of similar objects of unique new forms for urban environment. 

VDS Group team monitors the operation of objects built in Astana and Atyrau and continues to apply advanced innovative solutions. 

About VDS

VDS Group (Minsk, Belarus) is your reliable partner with a well-established reputation as the leader in development and production of hi-tech solutions based on engineering and architectural structures. With its solutions VDS contributes to the development of cities’ brand platforms and corporate identities.Since 1994, the team of specialists at VDS has completed over 50 federal-scale projects and about 20,000 more for oil companies, automobile corporations, large retail chains, as well as city administrations across Europe and the CIS.