For Oilman's Day: According to a reputed magazine, more than 35 filling stations owned by VDS customers are recognized as the best

Belarus and several CIS countries celebrate Oil and Gas Industry Workers Day on September 1. Over the past decades, VDS Group has been firmly established among the leading innovative companies that create integrated solutions in the area of corporate identity development and Retail Visual Identities (RVI) structures design and production for oil concerns during the construction and reconstruction of filling stations.

On the eve of Oilman’s Day, we suggest recalling which filling stations of VDS strategic clients in the fuel sector were noted by industry experts and recognized as the best by the reputed specialized magazine “Sovremennaya AZS” (Modern Filling Station).

Since the fall of 2003, “Sovremennaya AZS” magazine has held the “Filling Station of the Month” contests, and since 2004, it has held the “Filling Station of the Year” contest.

From 2004, four filling stations, the design, corporate identity, production of RVI structures and elements of which were completed by VDS, became the winners of the “Filling Station of the Year” contest according to “Sovremennaya AZS” (Modern Filling Station) magazine.

In 2005, this title was awarded to the Belorusneft-Orgneftekhim full service filling station No. 5 on Timiryazev street in Minsk.

In 2008, another station of Belorusneft-Orgneftekhim RUE – MAZK (multi-fuel full service filling station) No. 49 situated at the intersection of Independence Avenue and MKAD in the Uruchye microdistrict in Minsk became the winner.

When granting an interview to “Sovremennaya AZS” (Modern Filling Station) magazine, Director of Belorusneft-Orgneftekhim Svetlana Babaeva described the details of the construction of the facility: “The MAZK appearance was largely determined by its location: on the one hand there is a huge open space, and on the other a few meters above the site is the main avenue of Minsk. So that the facility was not located in a “pit,” designers, planners and builders had to work hard. Moreover, the futuristic-looking building developed by VDS Creative Director Alexei Shishko had to harmonize with other architectural structures on the main avenue of the capital in style. Of course, we faced difficulties. The off-standard dimensions of the metal structures that were used in the construction of the canopy required considerable labor costs for their assembly and installation. The metal structures were delivered to the facility element by element, then individual elements were mounted directly at the construction site. But it was worth it. The unusual architecture of the complex and landscape design (fountain, slides, and numerous green areas) fascinate customers and encourage them to come back here again and again. We have created not just a full service filling station, but, in fact, an architectural landmark of the capital, and, possibly, of the whole country.”

Filling station No. 1 in Astana (Kazakhstan) owned by KazMunayGas JSC was selected as the 2011 best filling station.

When granting his interview to “Sovremennaya AZS” (Modern Filling Station) magazine that was dedicated to the victory of this filling station in the contest, General Director of KazMunayGas JSC Gennady Morozov noted the following: “Before starting work, VDS specialists immersed themselves in the history of Kazakhstan to study folk traditions. Several corporate identity options were developed, from which the best, most progressive one was chosen. As a result, a style-forming artwork based on the national Kazakh ornament was used on the canopy fascia and the fuel dispenser. The artwork consists of two main elements, this is the symbol of the house, the “yurt,” and the symbol of life, the “sun.” Thus, we managed to harmoniously combine advanced technologies, attractiveness and national roots in the appearance of our stations.”

In 2016, the title of “Filling Station of the Year” was awarded to the Tatneft full service filling station No. 268 located near the city of Moscow (Naro-Fominsky District, 16 km of Borovsky Highway).

In addition to the four winners of the “Filling Station of the Year” contest, more than 30 filling stations, the design, styling concept, branded decoration and structural features of which were developed and produced by VDS Group, became winners of the “Filling Station of the Month” contest. Moreover, in 2008 and 2016, filling stations built and modernized with the participation of VDS specialists became winners of the “Filling Stations of the Month” contest.

In the current 2019, a multi-fuel filling station owned by Tatneft-AZS Tsentr LLC and located on Victory Avenue in the capital of Tatarstan, Kazan, became the winner of the May stage of the Filling Station of the Month contest. The preliminary design, corporate identity and design of this facility was developed by VDS Group, all branded structural features and metal structures were manufactured at the VDS Plant in Minsk.

“Tatneft” is VDS’ ongoing strategic partner. In July, this year, the VDS team constructed the first turn-key flagship “Tatneft” filling station in Almetyevsk.

Among other VDS business partners and customers are fuel market majors including Shell, LUKOIL, Gazprom Neft, Rosneft, IRBIS, Compass, OKKO, Belorusneft.


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