Years of cooperation between VDS and Belorusneft: from brand development to the production of filling stations

VDS Group stands at the origins of “Belorusneft” brand creation. For leading state-owned vertically integrated oil company VDS originated a corporate style and, later on, renewed it, built two brand books. Branded equipment of “Belorusneft” filling stations and automatic mini-filling stations was manufactured at VDS plant.

VDS Group, a manufacturer of hi-tech engineering and architectural structures exploited in construction for oil companies and urban development projects, has been cooperating with a state-owned vertically integrated oil company “Belorusneft” for 25 years.

In 1995 VDS’ specialists proposed the first development of corporate style for the state-owned oil company “Belorusneft”. For “Belorusneft” it was a time of active acquisition of the fuel retail market all over the Republic of Belarus.

Alexey Shishko, Creative Director and one of the founders of VDS Group, was fully engaged in the projects for “Belorusneft”. Highlighting the work aspects in the Nineties, he notes that in those days “the filling stations in the Republic of Belarus were featureless, as a rule, with a sign “Refueling” and, for some unknown reasons, blue.”

“For “Belorusneft” filling stations we built up a bespoke solution proposing to use the color combination of the Belarusian flag: green, red and white, — says Alexey Shishko. – Later on, this color style has been transformed into a “green field with a flower of flax” which are distinctive attributes of the Republic of Belarus. Thus, a trend has been created, which exists today.” 

“Belorusneft” executives confirmed the design of filling stations developed by VDS Group and approved the production launch. VDS Group started the production of structural components and advertising equipment of “Belorusneft” filling stations in a new corporate style.

“Belorusneft” filling stations, performed in the same style and color scheme, got best places to be built and quickly grew into a large-scale network within the territory of the Republic of Belarus. During this period, VDS Group designed many significant filling stations for “Belorusneft” which were built at the entrance to the country by the decisions of municipal administrations.

“I call this stage of cooperation with “Belorusneft” a period of “architectural monuments” because each “Belorusneft” filling station we created has its own unusual architectural concept that remains trending and relevant today, — Alexey notes – for instance, the filling station “Warsaw Bridge”. Historically, since the Second World War, this has been the title of a border checkpoint in Brest (at the border between the Republic of Belarus and Poland). There we built a filling station in the form of a bridge– it was an unexpected move. In 2000 — 2002 in the Republic of Belarus the high-tech style and such an architectural concept in the construction of filling stations were new and impressive.” 

In 2004 VDS’ specialists developed a brand book for “Belorusneft”. The document, which incorporated all base standards of the corporate style, developed by VDS for “Belorusneft”, was approved by the Director General of the Belarusian State Concern for Oil and Chemistry “Belneftekhim”.

In 2014 VDS team began to update the corporate style and design of “Belorusneft” filling stations. At that time, “Belorusneft” already held a leading position in the fuel and energy industry of the Republic of Belarus. The main objectives were to offer a cost-effective solution; make “Belorusneft” style more serious; at the same time, it had to remain welcoming.

Working with new materials and structural concepts VDS’ specialists selected the necessary shades of green and red colors and discussed the features of the structural components of the filling stations, often together with the “Belorusneft” top managers, directly in the VDS workshop.

For “Belorusneft” VDS team developed totally new types of the filling stations – automatic operatorless mini-filling stations.

VDS’ specialists made the logo sign of “Belorusneft” filling stations absolutely glossy, in accordance with the international trends in branding of fuel retail facilities; and also due to the up-to-date technologies, in particular, to the production method of combining vacuum forming with thermoformable ink technology and in-mould decoration.

“We have actually originated a new corporate style, certainly, while maintaining the continuity. We improved the logo. The updated “Belorusneft” corporate style has become brighter, lighter-weight and, in the design context, smoother and more structural. In designing, we have put the actual continuity for the next 10 years. – says Alexey Shishko. – The design of “Belorusneft” filling stations has become open. We made a building of the filling station benevolent and buyer-friendly. We managed to make the filling stations more democratic and universal, having preserved their individual stylistic idea.”

For “Belorusneft” filling stations VDS’ specialists engineered an open format of shops when a visitor can enter a larger hall, look at a full products range and have the opportunity to comfortably communicate with the seller. The building became not just an operator station, as before when the seller and the client communicated through a small darkened window, and only hands came in contact with money, but a filling station with a cafe and a shop.

In summer 2014 VDS’ specialists handed over a pilot site (at a scale of 1 in 1 in real data) of “Belorusneft” filling station in a new corporate style. VDS continued the production and construction of the “Belorusneft” filling stations throughout the Republic of Belarus.

In 2015 VDS developed a new brand book based on the updated corporate style of “Belorusneft” filling stations. For the benefit of “Belorusneft” VDS’ experts took integrated steps to protect the intellectual property rights for the usage of a new corporate style.

About “Belorusneft”

“Belorusneft”is a state-owned vertically integrated oil company. It holds a leading position in the fuel and energy industry of the Republic of Belarus. “Belorusneft” was established in 1966. In 2006 the State Production Association “Belorusneft” was established in Gomel, the Republic of Belarus. It has over 40 subdivisions engaged in oil-production, oilfield service, engineering, design, gas processing and petroleum product sales in the Republic of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Venezuela, Ecuador and Poland. In 2012 the company got an official standing of a scientific organization.


About VDS

VDS Group (Minsk, Belarus) is your reliable partner with a well-established reputation as the leader in development and production of hi-tech solutions based on engineering and architectural structures. With its solutions VDS contributes to the development of cities’ brand platforms and corporate identities.Since 1994, the team of specialists at VDS has completed over 50 federal-scale projects and about 20,000 more for oil companies, automobile corporations, large retail chains, as well as city administrations across Europe and the CIS.